Owning A Mini

According to the American Miniature Horse Association, maintaining a Miniature Horse is about 1/10th the cost of maintaining a large size horse. One acre can support as many as three Miniature horses. Mini's tend to thrive on pasture, sunshine and room to run and play.

Miniature horses have been bred for pets, novelty, research, monetary gain, mining work, exhibition, and royal gifts. In addition to the pre-historic evidence of small equids, it is speculated that the Miniature horse is a result of nearly 400 years of selective breeding of many extracts.

There are many reasons to own a Miniature horse. Some are purchased as investments; some as pets by families with small children; some as hobbies for retired adults; and some as a way to share activity with children and grandchildren; and some strictly as loving companions.

Many Miniature horse owners are first-time horse owners; and it's not unusual for the first-time owner to have come from a history of breeding and showing dogs. It seems especially difficult for Miniature horse enthusiasts to own "just one" Mini; and in the Miniature horse "culture" there is a prevailing enthusiasm for Miniature births and the opportunity to hold a new-born foal.

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